Beourfriend specializes in branding and communication design,
providing clients with tailor-made brand strategies and solutions.
Through research-based, innovative approaches, our cross-disciplinary
team renders uniqueness and aesthetics into our customized services.

Our Service


Our specialty lies in transforming corporate
identity into a tangible experience that engages
and captivates people.
A brand needs to tell a story
that defines its business
and philosophy. We help
to find that story and communicate it clearly
and consistently through various channels.
From building brand
strategy from scratch to redesigning an existing
logo to be more powerful,
we establish clear
positioning and originality
for your brand.


One of the most important factors that contribute
to the brand’s success is
the customers’ touchpoint
– packaging. Attractive
and functional, our packaging
design is carefully crafted
to represent a brand identity
and make the right first
impression. We pay
attention to every single
detail from the design
to material selection and
the choice of texture and colors
to deliver the right look,
feel and personality for
the brand. Be it cosmetics
packaging or corporate
collaterals, we always dress
your packaging up
for success.

Environmental Design

We take pride in planning
and designing a wayfinding
system that is not only
visually pleasing, but also
perfectly clear and easy
to understand. We create
visual information to ensure
visitors a sense of security
and comfort. A story,
heritage background,
or a concept of each place
is also incorporated into
the signage system. Navigating your way around has never been more pleasurable.


Business cards, stationary,
brochures, catalogues,
company profile booklets,
posters, banners,
newsletter, exhibition
ollaterals—we have done
it all. Well-crafted and
customized, we provide
an all-round print design
services that meet every
requirement from the clients.

Our Work

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  • Branding
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  • Wayfinding / Environmental Design
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