Park Ventures

by f>o>s [03-05-2014]

Park Ventures is an eco-friendly complex located in Pleonchit, Bangkok’s prime central business district. The 3 art installations—Nature Drive, Voice of Wind, and Cocoon—are designed in accordance with the green philosophy of the office building/lifestyle ecoplex.

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The Brief

Creating art installations under the “sustainable energy” concept. The major challenge of this project is to build every piece using only leftover materials from the construction site.

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The Concept

Nature is in everything.

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Our Design Execution Nature Drive

An impressive mixed-material sculpture in the main lobby, Nature Drive is made of wood, stainless steel and steel. Inspired by the building itself, the installation represents the idea of balancing sustainable technology with innovative designs to promote quality of life and environmental sustainability.

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Voice of Wind

During our site visit, we noticed that the ecoplex location is frequented by city birds. And it’s these chirping winged friends that inspired us to create Voice of Wind. This outdoor bird-like structure is made of aluminum tubes and steel. Reclaimed construction materials are also incorporated into the design.

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To represent the origin of life, Cocoon is created. Drawing inspirations from the shape and structure of a cocoon, we experimented with different types of materials. The result is this elegant structure that symbolizes warmth and nurturing nature.