Digifriend excels in designing creative applications
and websites. Our content-based works are both functional
and fun. Striving to be more than a traditional software house,
we love to take up the challenge and push the limits
to develop extraordinary digitized experiences.

Our Service

Mobile Application

Create unique and seamless applications that are a joy
to use and to look at.

Interactive Installation

From concept
to completion, we are committed to create fun interactive installations
that stir up creativity
and bring a smile to everyone’s face.


We can help you make
the right online impression with a website that best represents you. New and innovative features are integrated into website design to offer a second
to none user experience.

Experiment & Toy

Fun at heart, we always experiment, explore new digital realms, and push boundaries of possibility
to invent things that
never ever exist.

Our Work

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  • Mobile Application
  • Interactive Installation
  • Creative Installation
  • Website
  • Experiment & Toy