Friend on Site specializes in experience design, creating space to users.
Our multi-disciplinary team focuses on research and development process
to create inventive content that ticks every box on your brief.
We offer a fine blend between art, functional, and commercial elements.

Our Service


Friend on Site is an expert
in conceptual-based and site-specific design. Each finished product is executed to add
values and identity to its
space and physical context.

Interior & Architect

Friend on Site offers personalized service and a more personal approach to the design process.
Specializing in conceptual-based design and site-specific architecture, we provide a one-of-a-kind experience for each
and every kind of space.

Environmental Design

Plan and design an effective
and thoughtful wayfinding system that not only makes the built environment easy to navigate,
but also adds value and identity
to the space.


From conceptualization
to execution, we handle all
your requirements and needs
to create site-specific works
that enhance the viewers’ perceptions and experiences.

Event and exhibition

Design is a powerful tool
of communication. Through architectural features, displays and visual enhancements,
our job is to create a vivid and sensory experience and a multi-dimensional narrative that
conveys the messages in a clear, meaningful and compelling way.


We embark on a full
-on adventure with a mission
to create fun, effective, original
and unseen products.

Our Work

  • All
  • Installation
  • Interior & Architect
  • Wayfinding / Environmental Design
  • Art
  • Event and Exibition
  • Play