Hello !

At beourfriend, we believe that knowledge and ideas are the key to originality in any form.

is a multi-disciplinary design studio
that specializes in concept/process-based design solutions.

It all started in 2004 when three friends with different backgrounds
in graphic design, illustration and engineering came together over a shared passion for art and design.

Today, our studio is a friendly playground for like-minded creative individuals, ranging from designers to illustrators, interaction designers, programmers, product designers, and more. Each brings their expertise on the table with one simple goal – To bring innovative ideas to life.

We take pride in our well-thought and customized approach. We build friendship within our studio and also with our clients to find the right process for each and every project. No two clients are ever alike, and neither are our creative strategies. As your friend, we go all out to deliver something that is entirely yours with a refined sense of luxury.

We hope to get a chance to be your friend.

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Case Study


by b>o>f [03-05-2014]

One of our proudest branding projects, Eathai oozes authentic Thai appeal, modern sophistication and luxurious yet welcoming atmosphere. Our branding execution for this five-star food hall ticks all the boxes for the client.


The Luxury Hotel WAYFINDING

by b>o>f [03-05-2014]

To create a one of a kind hotel experience, traditional Thai art motifs are carefully crafted into a wayfinding and signage system. The system is tailor-made to match the 7-star hotel’s luxurious brand and its unique history, striking a sophisticated blend of tradition and modernity.


Park Ventures

by f>o>s [03-05-2014]

Park Ventures is an eco-friendly complex located in Pleonchit, Bangkok’s prime central business district. The 3 art installations—Nature Drive, Voice of Wind, and Cocoon—are designed in accordance with the green philosophy of the office building/lifestyle ecoplex.


Bad Motel

by f>o>s [03-05-2014]

Located in trend-setting Thonglor, Badmotel boasts a restaurant, a bar, an art gallery, and an event space—all under one roof. The urban multi-purpose space with an outdoor garden and a laidback rooftop is smartly redesigned from an abandoned three-story shophouse. The modern ambiance perfectly matches with its contemporary Thai street food-inspired menu and playful cocktails.


You and Me

by Digifriend [03-05-2014]

An interactive installation showed at the 2010 Shanghai International Science and Art Exhibition. You and Me integrates art with science and technology to explore the relationship between humans and surroundings. An interactive digital tree is projected on the screen, allowing curious exhibition visitors to interact with it. The tree responds and reacts differently depending on each action.


New World

by Digifriend [03-05-2014]

An interactive installation showed at the 2012 Shanghai International Science and Art Exhibition and the 2012 Macau International Science and Art Exhibition. New World projects a conceptual world of free will and invites visitors to interpret and think about what would happen if we could decide and make every choice in life truly on our own.


Our Teams

is a one big family.

Our studio is a friendly playground for like-minded creative individuals,
ranging from graphic designers, illustrators to typographers, interior designers to product designers, programmers, and more.

Our three teams

be›our›friend (b›o›f)   /   friend›on›site (f›o›s)   /   digifriend (d›g›f)
specializes in different areas and stand out with unique aesthetic flavors.

However, with a shared focus on exquisite craftsmanship, the teams always collaborate,
share ideas, and build upon each other’s expertise. Together, we bring innovative ideas
to life, delivering high-quality products with passionate and skillful commitment.

Become our friends

Contact us at info@beourfriend.com to discuss new business opportunities or if you have any questions.

Scope of Work:

Job Opportunity

//Account/Project Manager Needed!!

We are currently looking for experienced Account/Project Manager who has passion for arts, design and craft Production.


'Area of work'
:Meeting and liaising with large-to-small scale clients to discuss
and collect their requirements.
:Negotiating with clients and creative teams about
details of design projects.
:Controlling and planning designer’s work schedule.
Planing project timeline, handling budget, Managing cost
and invoicing clients.
:Writing Client report and Arranging meeting schedule.
:Providing marketing research if necessary.
:Presenting creative work to clients for approval
:Managing small-to-middle scale production: Print/VM/Exhibition

'Skill Requirements'
Refined Presentation skill
Well Negotiate Strategy
Great management and planing skill.
Fluently speak Thai and English.
Clear communicator, in person and writing.
Highly organised and flexible.
Comfortable working with multi-background team
Insightful marketing skills: target information and competitor analysis
Fundamental knowledge of print/craft production.

BA in Mass Communication / Marketing Related Degree / Design related Degree.

4-5 years experience in design firm or similar environment.

Details oriented, Checklist mania, Can’t stand non-lining
pencils on the table.